Thursday, January 24, 2008

I LOVE Carbonite!

Quick post here. I have to say how much I LOVE Carbonite backup. I subscribed a few months back because I wanted another source of backup for those "just in case" times. Well, I have been working on kits and I went to make another element in a different color, etc, and low and behold, I saved my PSD file merged. OMG, I had spent a long time getting it the way I wanted, now I couldn't change the layers. Well, I thought I'd try to restore just that file from Carbonite. IT WORKED! I was able to get back my file. I was so excited I had to share. I'll have another freebie up in a bit, so be on the lookout! If you want to check out Carbonite, you can get a 15 day free trial. CLICK HERE FOR CARBONITE!

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Ellie said...

That's awesome, Kristi! I was just talking to my husband about subscribing to something like this, so your rave review came at a good time! I'm so glad you were able to get your file back!